Hinweis auf eine interessante Konferenz – FableConf

Fable is an F# to JS compiler with a great community that is growing at a fast pace. On Sept 22-23, FableConf, the first conference dedicated to web development in F# will take place place in Bordeaux. This will be a great opportunity to learn all the opportunities Fable offers to .NET developers.

First, you’ll get to know F#, a language which is getting more and more important in the .NET space. And together with the language, you’ll learn about useful tools that are part of the F# ecosystem but can be used in any .NET project, like Paket or Fake. – Fable and F# also allow you to use many of the concepts that you already know (types, properties, inheritance) as well as APIs (collections, DateTime, Regex, string formatting) in the frontend of your web apps.
Likewise, although Fable is not tied to any backend technology, it works great with .NET servers like ASP.NET or Suave, allowing you to share code and types with easy serialization through Newtonsoft.Json.

In no more than a year, Fable has already been put in production by several projects and companies like The Gamma (thegamma.net), Ionide (ionide.io), msu solutions, nsynk.de or Prolucid.
At FableConf we will have one day of talks and another day of workshops to make sure you can put into practice all the things that you will learn (Elm architecture, VS Code extensions, AI training in the browser…). But FableConf is not only about coding: there will be also great food and a fantastic and diverse community that will help you discover a new meaning for the word “collaboration”!

By using the promo code “FABLEROCKS” you can get these 2 days for only 80€.


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