.NET User Group Treffen August 2015 – Intro to NServiceBus

Im August wird Boris Tveritnev bei uns zu Besuch sein mit folgendem Thema:

Introduction to NServiceBus

We do not develop (simple) software applications anymore. We build complex distributed systems. Even mobile applications seldom work completely isolated and require a connection to a number of services. SOA has taken over the world.
There is a certain number of distributed system fallacies that we all have to deal with. Forget them and they’ll bite you hard. Your system will lose data and your business will lose money. We need tools to facilitate the development process from design to implementation phase.
Welcome NServiceBus, “The most developer-friendly service bus for .NET”. Reliable asynchronous message delivery, transport independence, publish/subscribe, durable long-running processes and scheduling – this is an incomplete list of NServiceBus features we are going to talk about and put our hands on.

Short Bio:
I am an ex- Kaspersky Protection Center platform architect, currently occupied as a senior backend developer at XING. I write Ruby code and have to do a lot of things NServiceBus takes care of by default.
Apart from being an enterprise developer I run an open source .NET VoIP library pjsip4net and contribute to open source .NET LINQ2DynamoDb project. I also ride the bicycle and snowboard, sail on boat and have a wonderful family, and that suggests that I am a human, more or less.

Der Talk wird auf englisch stattfinden.

27. August 2015 – 18:00 Uhr
Dammtorstrasse 30
20354 Hamburg

Anmeldung bitte per info@dotnet-usergroup-hamburg.de, Meetup oder per Xing.

Die Treffen der User Group sind wie immer kostenlos und eine Mitgliedschaft in der User Group ist nicht notwendig. Allgemeines Ziel der Treffen sind soziales Networking und direkter Austausch. Kollegen und Interessierte sind herzlich willkommen.

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